Davinci 4LED Cluster


LED module of 3 in 1 chip type is used, combining Red, Green, Blue 3 trichromatic colors. It presents clearer and more natural color than combined LED Module. It has outstanding performances such as high-speed presentation, presentation of more than 1 billion colors, soft color matching technology. Complex control part is integrated with cutting-edge technology. Its performance compared to price is excellent owing to simplification of manufacturing procedure. Additionally, it is developed in various types for diverse application in many areas.

The control device can control thousands of clusters even with one unit, and can be linked with CCU through frame sync functions, and even vast size of cluster board can be unitarily configurated. There is no limit of implementation by using high speed CPU and large capacity memory, and it provides Direct LAN and Internetaccess for the convenience of maintenance

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Full Color Cluster Data Pdf

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