Ample-Sun ASF 100

Amplesun Solar offers top quality thin film solar panels, guaranteeing a highest performance and cost efficiency by:
Working with its suppliers to select the best components and processes,
Continuously improving and optimizing all aspects of the manufacturing,
Continually investing in R&D to further enhance the product performance.
Amplesun solar products include framed, frameless and see-through thin film solar module, which can be widely applied in ground mounted solar power plant, commercial roof systems, residential roof, BIPV buildings and etc.
Product Warranty: Free from defects in materials and workmanship for 5years.
Power Warranty: Maintain more than 90% of maximum power for 10 years; Maintain more than 80% of maximum power for 25 years.

Amorphous Silicon Frame Module - ASF

AmpleSun solor ASF series thin film solar module guarantees the highest perfomance and cost efficientcy. From the selection of materials including TCO glass, EVA, Back Sheets, Alluminum Frame, Junction Box to optimizing all aspecs of the manufacturing and quality control processes ASF thin Film Solar Modules are designed and manufactured for highest perfomance with a reasonable cost.

♦ Highest Power Output for framed thin Film Silicon Solar Modules.
♦ More than 30% lighter than double glass thin film solar modules.
♦ Made from NON-TOXIC materials, no need to concern about the harmful gas emission or material decompositions in the whole life of Solar Modules.
♦ ASF Technology delivers high energy yield per rated Wp, owing to a low temperature coefficient and excellent weak light perfomance.
♦ Anodized alluminum frames resist high winds and sknow loads, together with preinstalled cables ensuring a quick and easy installation.
♦ A back Sheet with drainage holes eliminates the rist of accumulations of rain water or sknow inside the frame.
♦ Advance encapsulation process ensures a high resistance against UV, temperature and weather.
♦ Start-of-Art Production process and qualified raw materials guarantee both Top Quality and Safety.